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About Noemi Grace

“Use me for the Healing of the World”
Noemi Grace
September 11, 2001
Cambridge, MA

On September 11, 2001, I was in a graduate school psychology class in Cambridge, across the river from Boston, when the terrorists attacked. As I waited for the train to return home for what seemed like hours, I saw fear on people’s faces and felt it in my heart. Quietly at first, and growing louder and more persistent over several hours, I met their fear and mine with the prayer, “Use me for the healing of the world.”

I never knew what motivated this prayer. But at the time, I meant every word. I was willing to be of service for healing, in any way. Now after receiving hundreds of messages from God about Divine love, wisdom and grace, I realize that prayer is being answered in a way I never could ever have imagined. I offered to be of service and God stepped in and blessed me with life-changing messages. Now the Divine has asked me to share them with all who are willing to receive them.

I never could have imagined being in this position of receiving so many Divine gifts. It all started on March 3, 2012 with an amazing message during my workout that reverberated through the room:

Love is the fabric of freedom. Forgiveness paves the way to freedom.

What marvelous words! I had no doubt my mind was incapable of inventing these words. How could someone like me who was secretly harboring judgment and guilt create these words? I knew that I couldn’t. And yet I heard them as clear as any words I’ve ever heard.

Over the years, I often pondered that message and tried to understand its meaning. Then in 2015, messages from God filled with Divine love, grace, and forgiveness began to come to me during my daily meditation with my husband, David.

Through hearing and recording these messages, I learned:

God speaks to all of us. To hear God, we must learn to listen.

God loves us unconditionally and wants us to love ourselves with Divine unconditional love.

At our core we are love, as God is.

We are all unique and special to God.

God does not judge us and wants us to stop judging ourselves and others.

God respects free will but showers us with Divine grace, especially if we ask for help.

I have fallen in love with myself. This was no small task, as most of my life I judged myself harshly. 

My heart is full and it is my deep desire to share these loving words with you to offer you the same opportunity I had.
It is my prayer that you be as blessed by these words as I have been.

In gratitude,
Noemi Grace

About the Divine Messages

Love is the fabric of freedom.
Forgiveness paves the way to freedom.
You will know when you are free
when there is nothing left to forgive
because you see through the eyes of love.

The Voice of the Oneness of God
March 3, 2012

Excerpts from my upcoming book best explain the source and intention of the messages on this site. My words are in italics.

Who is speaking to me? I am the Voice of the Oneness you call God.

Is the Voice of God separate from God? No. God is one, and we as one are speaking to you.

How do you know you are hearing the voice of God? Jesus said that you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. If what you hear sets you free, it is truth. The one Divine Source is universal Truth experienced in so many facets that it can appear to be many, disparate truths. Yet, God is one and many at the same time.

The world needs to hear that God is here, available and ready to work wonders in the life of anyone who is willing. There is no need to struggle to make it happen. Trust us and allow us to be the miracle workers, so you need not be.

We love the open heart, innocence and trust you bring to the time with us. Many have been waiting for the message of love and choice we are gifting you. We are delighted you have chosen us

I have chosen you? I thought you chose me and I didn’t understand why you would choose me. You chose us first with your prayer. Now we are graced together with you in this communication. An open heart is a gift beyond words. Live in your heart. There is no need to strive for this; simply choose it. We love you as a dear friend. Thank you for your willingness to be of service.