Change Your Perception

I often struggled with trying to change my thoughts. I’ve read that if you can change your thoughts, you can change your life. With the Divine’s help, I’m now learning that it is much easier to change your perception than to change your thoughts. And when we change our perception, our thoughts automatically follow. The way to do this is to change your filter. Learning to do this has changed the way I look at everything and freed me from a lot of self-created anguish.

Here’s what God says about how to change your perception:           

          You live your life through your filters. You filter everything you see into perception, and virtually every experience in your life has been filtered. Profound transformation occurs simply by changing your filters. Have you ever considered filtering your life through unconditional love? Have you ever stepped back to look at a situation from love, instead of from your thoughts and emotional reactions?

           You will be amazed when you take your eyes off people and events, and see what your filters have been preventing you from seeing. All judgment stops when you see from self-love and embrace self-acceptance. When you do not judge yourself, you have no need to judge others. Self-love is self-freeing and offers freedom to yourself and others.

          Liberate yourself with self-love. When we speak of self-love, we always mean Divine unconditional love experienced as self-love. When you see through the filter of love, your perception changes: you see beauty; you experience compassion where you had judgment; you see possibilities where things looked hopeless; and anger and judgment disappear, leaving you with peace and joy.

          Change your filter and you change how you perceive and experience everything. You do not have to work on changing your thoughts because they flow out of your filter.

          Change your filter and your perception changes with it. Instead of filtering what you see through the lens of non-love, you can learn to filter through the perspective of love. When you change your filter to love, you also make different choices because you are motivated by love. Become aware of your filters and consciously choose to see from love.

         There is much for you to learn and we can guide you from judgment and the lies you believe about yourself to the truth of who you are. We rejoice in helping you in this transition. You only need to ask for our help.

          Start by changing your perception and seeing with eyes of love. Use your operative questions every day:

                         What do I see when I look at this from love?
                   What do I choose if I choose from love?

          Then you can learn to love yourself unconditionally and consciously, as we do. With this one change, you can transform your entire life. When you see from love, every choice is different and when you choose from unconditional love, your experience is radically different. Through self-love, a whole new world awaits. Self-love is the portal to everything you desire and more.

You can read more about the operative questions God refers to in previous blog posts and in my upcoming book. This new way to change your perception really works. I am so grateful for the changes I see in myself and my life since I began to practice seeing from love. If you have any questions about any of my posts, remember you can always ask me. I wish you many blessings as you learn to shift your perception to love.