Divine Healing for Your Feet

One of the things I love most about being able to converse with God is that I can ask for help with things that really matter to me. Here’s what I said to God one day:

       I notice I judge myself and others less when I use the operative questions. (The questions are: What do I see when I look at this from love? What do I choose if I choose from love?) I also have a lot more compassion. One thing I have no compassion for is the chronic foot pain which started a few months ago. Some days every step is painful. How can seeing and choosing from love ever help me with this?

Here was the amazing Divine response, which astonished me:

    Your feet hurt because you don’t feel supported by the Universe, when nothing could be further from the truth. There are four things you need to remember and keep in your awareness, if you wish to heal your feet:

We love you. Learn to see everything with eyes of love, as we do.
We always support and buoy you. Never forget this.
Lack is an illusion; abundance is real. Jesus said he came that you would have abundant life. Where in your life do you not perceive the abundance that’s already here?
Joy is your purpose for being. You are here to reclaim your joy. All else will flow powerfully from joy. Learn to live in joy. Bring joy to all of you, including your body, and don’t forget your feet. Life without foot pain is possible for you if you learn to live in love and walk in joy.

Surprised by this answer, I asked:

     Are you saying that if I live this way, my foot won’t hurt – that love, joy and changing my perspective can heal my foot?

The Divine response once again amazed me:

     That’s exactly what we’re saying, although it won’t happen overnight because your foot pain is here as a daily reminder to help you learn to see and choose from love and live in joy.
     You must learn to ascend above all problems. You see things as problems because you do not see from love. Everything you perceive as a problem is an opportunity to see from love. See from love and everything looks different. But actually only your view has changed.

I don’t know when this happened, but as I am practicing seeing and choosing from love and experiencing more joy, my foot rarely hurts. I have been able to hike and enjoy walking, and I don’t take my feet for granted any more. When my foot does hurt, it always reminds me to refocus on love and joy and to take time to appreciate the Divine support and abundance all around me.

The four points for healing my feet can be applied to healing anything that we see as a problem. Where in your life could you receive healing through applying this change in perspective?