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 Get our new ebook, Divine Love as Self-Love, to access insights from God on Loving Yourself the Divine Way! 

What would your life be like if you could replace self-judgment
and guilt with self-love and acceptance?



We are all uniquely love

In this eye-opening work, the Voice of the Oneness of God speaks to Noemi Grace about the greatest tragedy of human life and the Divine solution to the current human condition. In God’s eyes, we are all uniquely love, yet we see ourselves with great distortion. Here’s what the Divine has to say about this:

You are all beauty at your core, in your essence. Yet many of you think you are ugly and feel shameful and guilty. This is the true tragedy of the human condition. We will teach you to rise above the human condition, to go deeper than the judgmental layers that have been stacked upon your true essence. When you dive deep into yourself, you will be astonished to find someone beautiful, amazing and gifted.

The Divine solution is to love yourself in a new way

It may surprise you to discover that the Divine solution for the human condition is to love yourself in a new way – with Divine love as self-love. God guarantees this love leads to deep happiness:

This is our promise to you: if you fall deeply and unconditionally in love with yourself, if you see the truth of who you are and live that truth, you will find deep happiness you cannot imagine now. This is possible for every one of you.



Learn God’s Secrets on how to fully embrace yourself and your life without reservation, and live in self-abundance.

In this groundbreaking work, the Divine shares secrets of how to: love yourself unconditionally with Divine love, eliminate judgment and resentment from your life, fully embrace yourself and your life without reservation, and live in self-abundance.

On a personal level, the Divine insights
in this e-book can help you can experience:

* The power of releasing judgment-based perceptions by learning to see from love
* The impact of choosing from love instead of by your default mechanisms
* Dissolving barriers to self-love with compassion and acceptance
* Happiness through loving yourself unconditionally with God’s love
* The miraculous power self-acceptance has to transform your life
* Self-abundance that flows out embracing self-love and living in self-acceptance.

On a spiritual level, when you read this e-book,
you can discover:

* Why God wants you to love yourself unconditionally (It’s not what you may think)
* How to love yourself in a new way – with Divine love as self-love
* The astonishing truth of who you are (You’ll probably be surprised by this)
* Your unique essence which is based in Divine love and expresses your magnificence
* Practices to help you grow in self-love and deepen your connection with the Divine.



How would your life be transformed if you saw yourself as God sees you, lived Divine love as self-love, and applied this self-love solution to your greatest life challenges?

Prepare to take a front row seat as God talks directly to you through messages spoken to Noemi Grace that illuminate the path to lasting happiness and fulfillment through Divine love as self-love. Along the way, Noemi Grace shares how these Divine words are powerfully changing and shaping her life. She also suggests ways you can benefit by applying the Divine self-love solution to your life.

Are you ready to be blessed?